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Great Fighters of the World Special Magazine - Red Baron’s Triplane to 21st Century Superfighters Brought to you by Key Publishing Ltd, Europe’s Leading Aviation Publisher. Of all the numerous types of flying machines produced since the first days of powered flight, fighter aircraft will always capture the imagination more than any other. In Great Fighters of the World you'll find the amazing stories of the most famous of these awe-inspiring machines, highlighting their influence on the conflicts they fought in. Produced by Key Publishing‘s award-winning team, this special 132-page publication recalls the technology, triumph and tragedy of aerial warfare. Features Include: • World War One - Profiles of legendary early fighter aircraft such as the Fokker Eindecker and Bristol F2B • Duel of Aces – Tom Allett recalls the great encounter between Manfred von Richthofen and Lanoe Hawker VC • World Was Two – As technology progressed, so did the standard of aircraft such as Supermarine’s Spitfire and the Messerschmitt Me 262 • South Atlantic Shoot-Out – Flight Lieutenant Dave Morgan recalls duelling with Argentine jets in combat over the Falkland Islands. • Top-Gun Fighters – From Eurofighter Typhoon to F-22 Raptor, today’s combat jets display the most cutting-edge technology and can push even the most experienced pilots to the limit Published by Key Publishing Ltd. The entire contents of this title is © copyright 2011. All rights reserved.
Airports International -The world’s number one airport magazine in circulation and readership Brought to you by Key Publishing Ltd, Europe’s Leading Aviation Publisher. Airports International has reported on the airport industry since 1968 and has gained a reputation for keeping the industry abreast of the most significant international developments and technological innovations. The magazine offers a lively mix of features covering the construction, finance and management of the world’s most important airport development projects, as well as providing information on the technology that makes them tick. Regular industry reports analyse the current airport issues and provide well-researched information to aid the decision making process. The magazine is available free of charge to qualifying airport industry personnel and also by subscription for non-qualifying readers. Airports International is published 9 times a year. PLEASE NOTE: you will need to register and update your details on a periodical basis to receive. Regular features include: Headline News - The industry’s biggest stories Technology - Innovation and development Products and Services - Recent market entries Appointments - Important industry moves And much more! For more information, visit Published by Key Publishing Ltd. The entire contents of this title is © copyright 2014. All rights reserved.
Avião Revue Brasil - A revista de aviação líder em português A Key Publishing Ltd, maior editora da aviação na Europa e da América Latina, oferece-lhe esta revista. Desde a criação do Avião Revue, em 1999, a revista tem refletido em suas páginas tudo o que acontece no mundo da aviação em diversos segmentos, como aviação comercial e militar, história e aviação executiva. Todos os meses, a Avião Revue reúne todas as notícias da região e do mundo. A Avião Revue conta com a reputação de cobrir e divulgar fielmente todas as informações do setor com base em sua rica tradição no jornalismo da aviação. A revista traz os melhores colaboradores e fotógrafos, que relatam as últimas notícias e mostram imagens emocionantes e chocantes. Os artigos e reportagens geralmente incluem: • Aviação comercial: novos modelos de aviões, os helicópteros, as companhias aéreas e os aeroportos. • Aviação militar: operações militares, projetos e futuras aquisições. • Aviação executiva. • A história da aviação. • Formação aeronáutica, escolas e profissões. • As últimas notícias do mundo da aviação. • Apresentações e testes de voo dos mais novos aviões do mercado. • Aeroespacial: tanto o mercado comercial como o militar. • Dossiês, reportagens especiais, encartes e guias segmentados. E muito mais! Para outras informações, visite Postado por Key Publishing Ltd. © copyright 2013. Todos os direitos reservados.
Air Combat Special Magazine - The World’s Top Fighting Aircraft Revealed Brought to you by Key Publishing Ltd, Europe’s Leading Aviation Publisher. Produced by Key Publishing’s award-winning team of expert military aviation journalists, Air Combat features over 40 of the world’s top military aircraft. Air Combat combines the best aerial photography with our outstanding knowledge of the world’s air forces to provide a must-have addition to any aviation enthusiast’s collection. From the fastest combat jets to essential helicopters and huge transports, from the remote airfields of Pakistan to the cobalt skies of Nevada, Air Combat takes you on a whirlwind 100-page tour of the world’s air forces and the aircraft that make them tick. Features include: • 28 fighter aircraft including iconic types such as the F-4 Phantom, MiG-21 and Rafale • 8 bomber aircraft from the stealthy US Air Force B-2 Spirit to the British stalwart Tornado GR4 • A wide selection of helicopters including Chinook, Lynx and Merlin • Quotations from the pilots that fly them • Facts and figures • Roundels and markings • Air forces from across the globe including the RAF, USAF, and those in Europe, Asia and South America Published by Key Publishing Ltd. The entire contents of this title is © copyright 2011. All rights reserved.
Key’s Aviation Special Magazines – Essential reading from the teams behind your favourite aviation magazines! Brought to you by Key Publishing Ltd, Europe’s Leading Aviation Publisher, you can purchase and read all the latest Book-a-zines and Aviation Specials in one handy app. Purchase issues here at Pocketmags or via the App for Apple and Android - click the Available On links to download. Subjects covered include: • Historic military aviation - special magazines celebrating iconic aircraft such as the Spitfire, Hurricane, Mosquito, Vulcan bomber and the acclaimed RAF Salute series and specials on the Battle of Britain and the RAF 90th anniversary. • Historic commercial aviation - download and read the entire best-selling Airliner Classics series written by the Airliner World editorial team. • Modern military aviation and aerospace – read aviation specials covering air forces and services from around the world. Titles include official RAF yearbooks, UK and US Navy Airpower specials, Air Combat and aerospace chronologies including 100 years of British Flight, Great Fighters of the World and our Space special celebrating 50 years of human space flight. • Flight Simulation – read the essential guides to maximising your enjoyment of your hobby, includes the Beginners Guide and Airliners special issues. Titles available: -100 years of British Flight -Air Combat -Airliner Classics 1, 2 and 3 -F35 Lightning II -B52 Stratofortress -Battle of Britain -Beaufighter -Falklands -Great Fighters of the World -Hurricane -Microsoft Flight Simulator 1,2 and 3 -Mosquito -RAF 2011, 2012 -RAF Salute 1, 2 -RAF 90th Anniversary -Space Flight -Spitfire 75 -UK Air Power -US Navy Air Power -Vulcan Please note: The Flight Simulation Special digital versions do not include access to the CD ROM files received with the print editions. Published by Key Publishing Ltd. The entire contents of this title is © copyright 2011. All rights reserved.
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App works well
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Reviewed Friday, November 23, 2012
I found that this app works really well now that I've discovered how to fix the loading issue. You just have to hold the loading image for 3seconds which refreshes the page which is easy really.
great pressie
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Reviewed Friday, November 23, 2012
amazing mag, if you know a avaiation fan then this is a great pressie!
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