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Wineries Refined of British Columbia strives to be ultimate reference for wine travelers as they plan their dream wine country holiday. Our bi-annual/seasonal publication schedule allows us to stay up-to-date on festivals, events, winery news, celebrity profiles and popular resort destinations. Our targeted distribution model focuses on reaching a broader audience compelling visitors to discover the beauty and bounty of this inspiring region — often for the first time.
Outer Boundary Magazine is the Midwest geographic publication. Emphasizing on the family, Outer Boundary delivers true journalistic reporting of the outdoors for its readers along with highlighting Midwest areas and oddities. Outer Boundary Magazine articles dive into moral areas other outdoor publications refuse to address, allowing the reader to fully understand issues within the outdoor industry. The magazine was started with the passive observer of nature in mind along with children. Anybody of any age will enjoy the content within no matter the level of involvement they have with the outdoors.
J'Adore Magazine is a sexy, chic, Life & Style magazine for men and women who wish to explore the world through an unconventional lens that defies the mainstream. Our pages feature superior imagery and enlightening editorials from award-winning photographers and journalists from around the world. J'Adore takes pride in featuring content that is edgy, thought-provoking and pertinent to our readers, complimented by stellar artwork to further intensify the information our magazine conveys. J’Adore is proudly the only magazine in its class that changes its theme every issue, but still successfully keeps the language, approach and in-depth coverage consistent.
MONU magazine is published twice a year and is a unique international forum for writers, artists, and designers who work on issues of urban culture, development and politics. Each issue collects essays, projects, and photographs from contributors from all over the world on a given topic. This way, MONU examines topics that are important to the future of our cities and urban regions from a variety of perspectives.
Pie Magazine is a high quality print publication that seeks to articulate affordable luxury lifestyle via stunning professional photography, advertorials and concise articles. The publication is unisex and appeals to an affluent, worldly and socially savvy audience, with a wide readership ranging from young professionals to the more mature reader. Every issue includes stimulating content on the topics of entertainment, business, travel, finance, style and current events. Pie Magazine is marketed as a book-a-zine, due to the fact that every issue is timeless and collectible. The content is never dated, nor is it seasoned, with the intent that our readers can enjoy the articles well into the long shelf life of the bookazine.


Despite the country a woman lives in, the "problems" are always the same, relationships. family, money and career, we need to Encompass all women to heal, be inspired to grow and change in a healthy way. We are doing this right now. Encompass Magazine, celebrating women over 50.

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