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If you love the spectacle of immaculately-restored old machinery, or are fascinated by Britain’s rich industrial and transport heritage, Old Glory is the magazine for you! In vivid detail it brings back all the sights and sounds of yesteryear. Glorious showman’s engines belt out the amperes to drive historic fairground rides; pairs of mighty steam ploughing engines turn the soil; steam rollers make up roads once more; tram wheel flanges squeal through town and city streets; colourful working narrowboats ply the canals; dray horses deliver good ale to the pubs; vintage tractors cough into life; stationary engines turn over tirelessly and the commercial vehicles we used to know take to the road again.
If you love the glamour and excitement of American cars, then enter the world of Classic American; a land of chrome-tipped tailfins, rip-snorting V8 engines and some of the biggest, sexiest cars ever built. Classic American has been serving the American car community in the UK for almost quarter of a century and apart from providing a valuable resource with informative in-depth features, it also is the number one marketplace for cars and parts in the UK.
Welcome to Aviation Classics, a series of high-quality glossy publications centred on the world’s greatest aircraft, the events in which they played crucial roles and those who flew, maintained and supported them. Every issue focuses on one aircraft, or significant event in history. Aircraft covered so far include the Avro Lancaster, the P-51 Mustang, Supermarine Spitfire, and the English Electric Lightning. Famous events covered include; World War 1, and the Battle of Britain. Each issue contains carefully researched data, unique photography - including some never before seem images, and in-depth features on the aircraft and those who flew them.
Train, modern, industry, traction, network, steam, heritage, metro, narrow gauge, overseas Published continuously since 1897 and with an audited circulation of more than 37,000 copies a month, The Railway Magazine has gained a reputation for quality and accuracy in a fast-moving industry. Its photos and features set the standard and its award-winning news section is the most comprehensive in the country, covering traction, network, steam, heritage, metro, narrow gauge, overseas and a host of other topics.
Packed full of interesting snippets, historical facts, in depth articles, technical features and hands on restorations, Classic Bike Guide aims to educate those who are new to the old bike scene, without patronising those with experience of such matters. Well known and respected names such as Peter Williams, Jim Reynolds, Alan Cathcart, Steven Myatt and even founding father Frank Westworth all have their two pennorth each month, bringing a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, experience and humour to proceedings. The magnificent Mortons Archive is put to good use too, with wonderful images accompanying tales of derring-do from yesteryear. Immaculate restorations, unrestored originals, high mileage sloggers, café racers, bobbers, sprinters, racers, you name it, you'll find them all here as each has its own rightful niche in Classic Bike Guide.

The Classic MotorCycle

With roots that stretch back to 1903 and a motorcycling archive without equal, The Classic MotorCycle has more to offer the true vintage motorcycle enthusiast than any other publication. . ├Way back in the halcyon days of transport The MotorCycle, from which The Classic MotorCycle evolved, was already established as the first choice read for two wheel enthusiasts, a sentiment which still holds true today.

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The Classic MotorCycle - May 2014
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The Classic MotorCycle - D-DAY OPERATION OVERLORD...
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The Classic MotorCycle - April 2014
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The Classic MotorCycle - British Motorcycles and the Military - 1899 - 1967
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