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Angling Heroes pulls together the best articles from the biggest names in match fishing. From 4 x World Champion Bob Nudd through current England internationals, Darren Cox and Des Shipp, through to 5 x World number One Alan Scotthorne. Winning tactics for all types of venue from the biggest names in the sport.
Advanced Carp Fishing is aimed at the aspirational carp angler. If you have caught your first twenty, or if you simply want to catch much bigger fish, this is the magazine for you. Forget what you’ve been told, size does matter and Advanced Carp Fishing is a magazine dedicated to helping you catch the biggest fish in the lake. Packed with monthly features from the top big carp anglers in Europe, Advanced Carp Fishing features cutting edge tactics and exclusive images of exceptional fish. This title is published by David Hall Publishing Ltd.
Since its inception in May 2000, Tackle Trade World magazine has proven an invaluable news source for anyone wanting to know what’s happening in fishing tackle. The magazine puts manufacturers in one part of the world in direct contact with wholesalers, distributors and key retailers in other parts. It has a proven track record of building leading brands that can now be found globally and continues to be the most cost-effective way to increase international business. Want to stay ahead of the game? Read this! This title is published by David Hall Publishing Ltd.
When it comes to getting more out of your angling there are always plenty of questions. The quality of the answers to these queries is all important, and that is where Coarse Fishing Answers really shines through. Tailoring its content to the specific, real-world queries of its readers, Coarse Fishing Answers employs the very best angling talent the country has to offer to deliver in-depth, easily accessible and, most importantly, accurate solutions, from world champion matchmen – including Alan Scotthorne and Bob Nudd – to award-winning big-fish hunters – such as TV's Mick Brown and Alan Stagg. Whether it's a pleasure fisherman looking to get more roach bites on his local canal, or a specimen angler trying to break a new personal best, whatever problem they have, Coarse Fishing Answers gives the solutions its readers can trust. The result is a unique angling magazine, directly reflecting the interests, trends and needs of the UK's coarse angling scene thanks to its readers being involved right from the start of each and every issue. This title is published by David Hall Publishing Ltd.
The UK's biggest-selling carp magazine. If you are new to carp fishing or simply want to improve and catch more carp, there is only one magazine for you – Total Carp. The UK leads the world in carp fishing methods and bait creation, but a carp is a carp worldwide. This monthly magazine features all the latest tackle, tactics and recipes to ensure that you catch more carp wherever you live. This title is published by David Hall Publishing Ltd.

Angling News Week

Keep up-to-date with all the latest fishing news as it happens. Angling News Week is your pocket-sized weekly fishing fix for all the latest news, big fish, match results, offers, tackle and tactics from across the sport. Why stagger down to the newsagent when you can get everything you need direct to your iPad, iPhone or Android device! ├Whether it’s carp, match, pole, specimen or pleasure fishing you’re into, this is one weekly you can’t afford to miss.

Angling News Week Single Digital Issue - Issue 36

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