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Bow International – the UK’s top magazine for traditional & modern archers. Whatever sort of archery you do, Bow International is the specialist magazine to keep you informed. For experienced shots and beginners alike, it is packed full of archery stories, product reviews, news and information from Great Britain and across the world.
The Sporting Rifle Book of Vermin and Varminting profiles 28 species that are classed, or generally considered, as true varmints in their country of origin. The specific sections – United Kingdom, mainland Europe, the Americas, Africa and Australasia – contain a selection of the varmints that may be hunted there. Produced by the publishers of Sporting Rifle - your favourite 4 weekly live quarry magazine.
The only independent bi-monthly publication dedicated to the Morris Minor. With Feature Cars, Concours Winners, Custom and Modified Cars, Readers’ Cars, Workshops, News, Reviews and Minors for sale, this magazine contains all you’ll ever need to know about the Morris Minor.
Shoot in Scotland focuses on the variety of species that may be shot legitimately, punctuated with facts and figures about pursuing them in a singularly Scottish context, and illustrated with eye-catching photography and pictures. Quarry species covered include red and roe deer, grouse, woodcock, ptarmigan, snipe, partridges, pheasants and geese. Shoot in Scotland contains key facts about finding sport for visitors, and provides details of shooting and accommodation providers, as well as shooting businesses in Scotland. In addition, there are background articles on the culture and traditions surrounding shooting in Scotland, to give visitors a flavour of what to expect from their hosts.
iDrum Magazine - The FREE, video-based online magazine, for drummers everywhere. Hours of drum tuition, interviews and video features of all your favourite players, in every issue. There's a huge amount of video material contained within iDrum Magazine, including features and interviews with the world’s finest players. You will also find expert and diverse drum tuition in our Learning Curve pages, designed to make you a better, smarter player. There are reviews of the all latest products as well as CD, DVD and book reviews. iDrum is the FREE online digital magazine that has revolutionised web-based drum media. Published by Blaze Publishing, it has grown to become an international phenomenon - by drummers, for drummers, everywhere.

Hair Fashion

Hair Fashion is a new handbag-sized magazine that offers its readers a huge range of cuts and colours. Presents over 1,000 images of the latest hairdressing trends in every issue.├It also focuses on what the reader wants when searching for a new style – 196 pages of hair looks alone.

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