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Read by all levels of the industry, this quality magazine offers you a unique mix of news, features, commentary and road truck tests. Many of Trucking’s writers and photographers are professional truck drivers, so there’s plenty of reader involvement, combined with free legal advice, training, competitions and a popular letters page. If you like it why not subscribe and join the Trucking community.
However, there’s a lot to learn for those new to the hobby. Chickens, like any other form of livestock, require regular and appropriate attention: they really are creatures of habit. Food and fresh water must be constant, and there’s plenty to appreciate with regard to housing types, run sizes, breed choice and welfare issues. So, to help with these important issues (and many more), the articles gathered into this unique compilation have been carefully chosen to encompass all major aspects concerned with keeping chickens in the garden. This information will arm you with the knowledge necessary to provide your hens with a happy and healthy environment in which to thrive. So, take your time, study the subject, don’t act on a whim and above all, enjoy your birds.
The production of this book is a bit of a first in the domestic, pure-bred poultry world. The Buying Guide approach we adopt in Practical Poultry magazine is unique, and I know that each one we publish gives the breed featured a significant boost, both in terms of general awareness and potential ownership interest. Now, the poultry enthusiasts have the chance to own a selection of these comprehensive features in a single, convenient, bound volume. The articles in this book should be regarded as practical guides, and used in conjunction with additional feedback gained from breed specialists. The relevant breed clubs are easy to contact (many have websites), and I strongly recommend purchasers to follow this route.
BBC Antiques Roadshow Magazine is a must for anyone interested in antiques and collectables. Bringing exclusive content from behind-the-scenes on the show, it explores the stories behind the people and the objects seen on screen, whilst also bringing the reader top tips, beautiful homes and fascinating features on everythingfrom past makers to dazzling collections.

Grow It

If you have an interest in growing fresh fruit and vegetables in your garden or allotment then Grow it! is the essential read for you. Grow it! brings together the best advice and most inspirational ideas to give you the confidence to grow the best produce possible. Every month Grow it! is packed with all the top tips and expertise you'll need to get you well on your way to food-growing success. Our regular practical team offers timely advice on tasks in the fruit or vegetable garden and greenhouse, and as experts in their field it's advice readers can really trust. Clear explanations of horticultural techniques, product reviews, visits to real grow-it-yourself enthusiasts, question and answer pages, competitions, kids' pages and crop profiles make Grow it! the number one choice for those with a passion for growing their own food.

Grow It Single Digital Issue - Perfect Pears

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