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*** (Important notice: December 2012) This title is no longer published, no further issues will be released. Back issues can still be purchased. From January 2013 Classic Aircraft will be incorporated into Aviation News*** Classic Aircraft places its focus on the jet and propeller-driven types of the post-war years, covering the developments in military aviation and fascinating operations during the Cold War period, and the huge changes that swept through the airline world as mass air travel became a reality. But there's much more to the history in Classic Aircraft than that. We cover the heroes of World War Two, the inter-war period, World War One and the pioneer aviators; we also look at more recent aviation happenings with a unique historical slant, and report on the vibrant aircraft preservation scene. Whatever the subject, stunning archive imagery accompanies informed, in-depth, intelligent articles from authors passionate about aviation, including ‘behind the scenes’ first-hand accounts and revealing 'from the cockpit' stories. Every issue is also packed with the latest aircraft preservation news, event reports, opinionated columns and product reviews, while special free supplements throughout the year are not to be missed. For more information, visit Published by Key Publishing Ltd. The entire contents of this title is © copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
Brought to you by the industry-renowned Airliner World editorial team, the new edition of Airliner Classics turns the clock back to bring you the aircraft, airlines and airports from the classic years of aviation. Set over 100 pages, Airliner Classics 3 includes: Japan Airlines - In this 60th anniversary year, we review the turbulent history of the Japanese Flag Carrier Dan-Air - A look back at the popular British charter carrier Douglas DC-3 - 75 years old and still going strong Berlin Tempelhof - The iconic German airport ATL 98 Carvair - The classic piston-engined aircraft London Heathrow - The history of Britain’s most important air hub Ilyushin Il-18 - A detailed history of the classic Russian turboprop and much more!
Microsoft Flight Simulator Special Magazine Volume 1 - The Essential Guide Brought to you by Key Publishing Ltd, Europe’s Leading Aviation Publisher. This 100-page PC Pilot magazine special issue features a collection of tutorials, articles and features to create the definitive and ‘must-have’ guide to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. So, whether you’re new to this hobby or a seasoned flight sim veteran, this high-quality volume is essential reading for all users. Features Include: • An introduction to Flight Simulator • How to set-up your system for Flight Simulator • Finding your way around Flight Simulator X and FS2004 • Realism settings in Flight Simulator • All you ever wanted to know about Flight Simulator’s weather generation and settings • Understanding software and hardware settings • Optimizing Flight Simulator • Setting up Flight Simulator to suit your needs • All about Flight Simulator Add-ons • Discussions on Flight planning • Getting to grips with the flying lessons • A look at the files that make Flight Simulator run • Creating screenshots and recording videos • Complete buyers guide to finding the ideal PC for Microsoft Flight Simulator and the most powerful graphics cards to make your flights run smoothly And much, much more! Please note: This digital version does not include access to the CD ROM files received with the print edition. Published by Key Publishing Ltd. The entire contents of this title is © copyright 2011. All rights reserved.
Mosquito Special Magazine - A celebration of de Havilland’s ‘Wooden Wonder’ Brought to you by Key Publishing Ltd, Europe’s Leading Aviation Publisher. The de Havilland Mosquito is one of the most well-known and much-loved aircraft of World War Two. It fought with great success in all theatres during the conflict and served on with the RAF as a frontline fighter until 1952. Produced by Key Publishing’s award winning and industry respected team of aviation journalists, this perfect bound, 100-page Mosquito special tribute includes information on the variants, units and history of the aircraft, plus the brave crews that flew the type in combat. Features include: • Mossie in Colour - A portfolio of very rare colour photos from the Mosquito in service, from the RAF Museum archives • Mossie ‘Ace’ - The life of the RAF’s top-scoring night- fighter pilot, Wg Cdr Branse Burbridge • Mosquito Squadron Directory - Details of the units that have flown the ‘Wooden Wonder’ • ‘Mossie’ Museum - The history of the Mosquitos displayed at the de Havilland Aircraft Museum near London • In Detail - Double page cutaway drawing with data panel and technical specifications • Survivors - A guide to the surviving airframes around the world Published by Key Publishing Ltd. The entire contents of this title is © copyright 2011. All rights reserved.
Great Fighters of the World Special Magazine - Red Baron’s Triplane to 21st Century Superfighters Brought to you by Key Publishing Ltd, Europe’s Leading Aviation Publisher. Of all the numerous types of flying machines produced since the first days of powered flight, fighter aircraft will always capture the imagination more than any other. In Great Fighters of the World you'll find the amazing stories of the most famous of these awe-inspiring machines, highlighting their influence on the conflicts they fought in. Produced by Key Publishing‘s award-winning team, this special 132-page publication recalls the technology, triumph and tragedy of aerial warfare. Features Include: • World War One - Profiles of legendary early fighter aircraft such as the Fokker Eindecker and Bristol F2B • Duel of Aces – Tom Allett recalls the great encounter between Manfred von Richthofen and Lanoe Hawker VC • World Was Two – As technology progressed, so did the standard of aircraft such as Supermarine’s Spitfire and the Messerschmitt Me 262 • South Atlantic Shoot-Out – Flight Lieutenant Dave Morgan recalls duelling with Argentine jets in combat over the Falkland Islands. • Top-Gun Fighters – From Eurofighter Typhoon to F-22 Raptor, today’s combat jets display the most cutting-edge technology and can push even the most experienced pilots to the limit Published by Key Publishing Ltd. The entire contents of this title is © copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

Combat Aircraft

Combat Aircraft Monthly – The World’s Favourite Military Aviation Magazine ├ ├Brought to you by Key Publishing Ltd, Europe’s Leading Aviation Publisher. ├ ├Combat Aircraft Monthly is North America’s Best-selling Military Aviation Magazine. Renowned for its in-depth coverage of the world of military aviation, Combat Aircraft includes reports, expert briefings and special features on current military aircraft and industry matters. Illustrated with the finest images provided by the world’s leading aviation photographers, Combat Aircraft also links coverage of modern subjects with outstanding historical stories from World War II and the Cold War years, including rare archive imagery. ├ ├As well as being visually stunning, Combat Aircraft offers readers a large amount of detailed information and thought-provoking opinion on topical military aviation issues. ├ ├Combat Aircraft offers you unprecedented access into squadron crew rooms, and straps you into the cockpits of the world’s greatest military aircraft! ├ ├Combat Aircraft is packed with: ├ ├• The latest global military aviation news ├• In-depth air force reports ├• In-theatre battle and exercise coverage ├• World renowned air-to-air photography ├• Insights in weapons systems ├• Aerospace technology ├• Regular special feature sections and supplements ├ ├And much, much more! ├ ├For more information, visit ├ ├Published by Key Publishing Ltd. The entire contents of this title is © copyright 2013. All rights reserved. ├ ├Please note: Posters or wall planners included with the printed magazine are currently unavailable with the digital version.

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