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Steam Days – Steam nostalgia and Railway History at its best Brought to you buy Key Publishing Ltd, Europe’s Leading Transport Publisher. Wherever you live in the British Isles, Steam Days offers nationwide coverage of ‘The Golden Days of Steam'. In each monthly issue, the five main regions of Britain’s rail network are covered, offering something for everyone, building to create a complete picture of what it was like working and travelling on Britain’s steam railways. Top quality archive pictures, unrivalled editorial text and rare archive documents combine to make Steam Days the leading UK steam heritage magazine. For more information, visit Published by Key Publishing Ltd. The entire contents of this title is © copyright 2013. All rights reserved.
75 years on we re-live the reporting of the run up to and the development of WW2 from the pages of the original weekly ‘The Aeroplane’. Made available digitally and re-issued each week.
Hurricane Salute Special Magazine - The Long Overdue Tribute to A Battle of Britain Winner Brought to you by Key Publishing Ltd, Europe’s Leading Aviation Publisher. Produced by the world renowned FlyPast editorial team, this 100-page special magazine pays tribute to a wartime warhorse which shot down more enemy aircraft than any other defence during the Battle of Britain and destroyed more enemy aircraft than any other allied fighter during World War Two. Key Publishing's special issue provides a long overdue insight into the Hurricane. Features Include: • First Of The Many – Ken Ellis examines the origins of Sydney Camm’s magnificent fighter and salutes the prototype • Early Birds – A look at the colour schemes of some of the RAF’s Mk.1s • One Way Hurricanes – Andrew Thomas tells the dramatic story of the RAF catapult fighter unit in World War Two • The Last Of Many – Jarrod Cotter summarises the career of PZ865 • In Detail – A complete Mk.1 cutaway • Aces – The exploits of some Hurricane pilots who downed five or more enemy aircraft on the same day, or even in one action • Hawker Hurricane Society – Chairman Tim Warrener outlines the history and aims of this worthy organisation And much, much more! Published by Key Publishing Ltd. The entire contents of this title is © copyright 2011. All rights reserved.
Brought to you by Key Publishing Ltd, Europe’s Leading Transport Publisher Established for over 50 years, Modern Railways has earned its reputation in the industry as a highly respected, monthly railway magazine. Providing in-depth coverage of all aspects of the rail industry, from traction and rolling stock to signalling and infrastructure management, Modern Railways carries the latest news alongside detailed analysis. It is essential reading for industry professionals as well as individuals with a general interest in the state and developments of the British railway network. Modern Railways keeps its readers fully informed with detailed articles, informative features, and special issues throughout the year. Regular features include: • National and international news on the latest developments in the railway industry, including traction and rolling stock; infrastructure; signalling and control. • Roger Ford, the rail industry guru: his widely-acclaimed ‘Informed Sources' column strips away the PR hype to reveal what is really happening in the industry. • Trackwatch – An in-depth look at changes on the national rail network. • Moving Wheels – Keep informed on the changes to rolling stock with the latest fleet news. • Alan Williams -Inveterate traveller Alan Williams presents a railway user's viewpoint. For more information, visit Published by Key Publishing Ltd. The entire contents of this title is © Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. Please note: Posters or wall planners included with the printed magazine are currently unavailable with the digital version.
Air Combat Special Magazine - The World’s Top Fighting Aircraft Revealed Brought to you by Key Publishing Ltd, Europe’s Leading Aviation Publisher. Produced by Key Publishing’s award-winning team of expert military aviation journalists, Air Combat features over 40 of the world’s top military aircraft. Air Combat combines the best aerial photography with our outstanding knowledge of the world’s air forces to provide a must-have addition to any aviation enthusiast’s collection. From the fastest combat jets to essential helicopters and huge transports, from the remote airfields of Pakistan to the cobalt skies of Nevada, Air Combat takes you on a whirlwind 100-page tour of the world’s air forces and the aircraft that make them tick. Features include: • 28 fighter aircraft including iconic types such as the F-4 Phantom, MiG-21 and Rafale • 8 bomber aircraft from the stealthy US Air Force B-2 Spirit to the British stalwart Tornado GR4 • A wide selection of helicopters including Chinook, Lynx and Merlin • Quotations from the pilots that fly them • Facts and figures • Roundels and markings • Air forces from across the globe including the RAF, USAF, and those in Europe, Asia and South America Published by Key Publishing Ltd. The entire contents of this title is © copyright 2011. All rights reserved.


Aeroplane traces its lineage back to the weekly The Aeroplane launched in June 1911, and continues to provide the best and most varied aviation coverage around. Aeroplane magazine is dedicated to offering the most in-depth and entertaining read on all types of historic aircraft. With an emphasis on flying machines from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, the magazine features such icons as the Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster and many more. However, Aeroplane is also highly regarded for its regular articles on historic civil light aircraft and rarities that are scarcely covered elsewhere – making it the most balanced historic aviation monthly on the market. It is illustrated with exclusive archive photography from our massive collection of original glass-plate negatives, plus stunning colour air-to-air pictures of the world’s best restored aircraft. Regular series include the renowned Database section, offering in-depth coverage of a specific type. Database has now been running for over 10 years, enabling regular readers to build up a comprehensive reference source of many aircraft. Also inside every issue there’s the latest news from all around the world, historical accounts, a look back at how The Aeroplane reported on significant aviation milestones, events coverage, book reviews, Q&As and much more. Aeroplane magazine is the essential read for any aviation enthusiast.├├Key Publishing

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